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When looking to buy frozen lionfish fillets or whole fish orders, give us a call. We have supply all year long. Another great way to help to ocean is by eating this invasive species.

Fresh fillets are ready to be ship overnight.  Whosale prices for restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and small orders are welcome.

Buy Frozen LionFish Fillets. $18-$20/ lb.

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We have the best prices in the market. $18- $20 per pound on boundless, skinless lionfish fillets. 

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What is Lionfish?

Lionfish is native to Asia but was release in the coast of Florida where it has no natural predators due to their venomous spines.

According to NOAA, “The spines of this species deliver a venomous sting that can last for days and cause extreme pain, sweating, respiratory distress, and even paralysis.”

NOAA also explain the best way to help the ocean and reef is to eat them, to beat them. As new catching slogan they hope to make people want to try this exotic meat. 

When the spines are removed the the venom is not longer a problem for human consumption.

Certainly we support the retail market with excellent whosale prices. Banquets, event planners, dine and wine events.

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